Tool Member Leaks Surprising New Drummer In Photo


Tool, Iron Maiden, and System of a Down members appear to be forming somewhat of a jam band supergroup, with Shavo Odadjian hinting at more party performances in 2020, though we’ll have to see if they take their act out on the road! Tool bassist Justin Chancellor has also revealed himself as a new drummer in the supergroup. Tool ‘rejecting’ a female fan then granting her request was just detailed.

Shavo Odadjian posted, “Had the pleasure of jamming with a couple of legends last night. @misteradriansmith from @ironmaiden and #justinchancellor from @toolmusic . What a great night. Until next time. #happybirthday @nathalie_d_smith ! #ironmaiden x #tool x #systemofadown.”

He also posted, “Some more pics from last night. #justinchancellor on the drums, @misteradriansmith on guitar and yours truly on the bass. What a fun night! #ironmaiden x #systemofadown x #tool.”

Babsoliiveira commented, “Wow shav!!!! That must’ve been incredible!!!! How are you still alive? Hahahahahaha.” Shavo responded, “@babsoliiveira not sure:)”

Milesdaniels said, “Did you get to play Justin’s Wal bass?” Shavo shot back, “@milesdaniels played Adrians bass.”

WillisWithinYou posted on Reddit about listening to Lateralus for the first time, “So I have never really listened to any Tool songs besides The Pot and Sober. I had heard random songs in passing just because my dad is a huge fan.

I am personally prefer albums vs. singles that bop. Really into conceptual albums that are a literal movie through music.

I heard my dad listening to schism and I was like “holy shit”. I was speechless because it was so next level in every conceivable context. As I am a big fan of albums, I thought well I might like Lateralus. F**K ME.

This album just melted my brain. So beautiful, dark, intense and heavy. The flow is amazing. The lyrics are mind expanding and the musicality is something I can’t even understand how much talent it would require to play given my limited music theory knowledge.

The transition to parabol to parabola was the most insane music feat I’ve heard in quite some time. Perfect transition from airy and light to bad fucking ass.

Consider me a fan. Can’t believe Tool has been a band since the 90’s and I’m just now listening to them. Can’t wait to dig deeper! Just wanted to share a few thoughts!” Maynard James Keenan’s photo in a ridiculous car was revealed last week.