Tom Petty Daughter Posts Hospital Treatment Photos


Adria Petty, who is the daughter of Tom Petty, recently tested positive for the virus. She recently took to her Instagram account and posted a couple of pictures and explained in the caption about her health. Tom Petty’s daughter had previously shared a pool photo.

Tom Petty’s daughter provides health update

It is always unprecedented when one can be a victim of the COVID-19. The pandemic has even disrupted several concerts and members of bands have also tested positive in some cases. Petty revealed that she had gone to some ‘super fun places’ last week and eventually became a victim of the disease. Despite, getting double vaccinated and test often, she fell prey to the deadly virus. She is not alone, a couple of her friends also tested positive for the virus. asdf

Here is what she wrote in the caption:

“I went a bunch of super fun places last week and ended up with a breakthrough case of covid. Be careful. This is seriously no fun. And not seeing my baby for 10-14 days etc and having to notify everyone you know also not fun. I’m double vaccinated and test often but still got majorly sick. As did 2 of my pals. I think i got it in a restaurant but not sure? Blessed to be getting antibodies infusion to try and shorten the gnarly of it all. The ER nurses and drs are my heroes. Covid sucks.”

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