Courtney Love Makes Disturbing Kurt Cobain Murder Claim


Courtney Love accused the Sackler family of murdering 200 Americans every day, and even posted a photo of her late husband Kurt Cobain, in a lengthy social media rant against the Pharmaceutical industry titans. Courtney Love revealed the synthetic heroin they sell in a photo yesterday.

“@josssackler fake news? You asshole! When your ‘people’ imperiously told us that #sackler #purduepharma ‘supports addicts etc’ ( exact quote the ‘etc’ was rich) and refused to show ANY receipt you ASSHOLE joss I asked for a stupid ass amount – 250,000$ to donate to charities , like musiccares, , if you want to show receipts I have them. Also? There’s confidentiality clauses on the one you just published but hey, you break the law every day that your family MURDERS 200 Americans .

Also? I thought some old relative was the cause of the opioid crises not you , or your husband, and then? I looked into it. Got Nothing to hide you bitch . Your . People. Killed. My. People. Idiot. Missing the entire point. Come for me Sackler . With your PhD. I got no education. I ate gravel and frozen cockroaches for dessert, I was a junkie by the age of 12 and I’ll be dammed I beat your fucking drug for now.. coz I’m stupid and tough . Come on.” Frances Bean Cobain revealed a funeral insult video over the weekend.

She added, “Worst thing I have ever had to kick was opiates. Reading how the Sackler family devised recipes and dirty tricks to keep millions of people, rich and poor , smart and dumb, sick and well, respectable and not, coming back for more, better recipes of opiates, tricky and evil ways of keeping us hooked further and further , the whole country burning into this crises together now.. and not ONE. Word of repentance , not ONE dollar towards helping us.

Just a whiny ‘ junkies ruined it for us’ you made us junkies Sacklers, and you are making more “ junkies “ now, if that is what you call , PEOPLE THAT USE YOUR PRODUCT , OXYCONTIN.would love to know your OxyContin tales. I know how hardcore the allure of that stuff is. So hard to kick. I pray that I never again have to use it, ‘need’ it or god forbid .. want it. Shame. Shane. Shane. X”

She later posted a photo of Kurt Cobain, writing, “’Onward ever onward’ @josssackler fuck off.” Kurt Cobain taking a brutal shot at Tool was revealed a couple of days ago.