Kurt Cobain Daughter Disgusting ‘Funeral’ Video Revealed


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has uploaded a video where she discusses someone making a disgusting funeral remark to her in public for wearing all black, and asking if she was going to a funeral. Kurt Cobain’s daughter’s rare bold smoking photo was revealed yesterday.

Cobain said, “Someone stopped me in the middle of the street today and asked me why I was wearing so much black, and if I was going to a funeral. Just let me live my life.”

Former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg discussed becoming an Atlantic Records executive shortly before Kurt Cobain died. Kurt Cobain taking a brutal shot at Tool was revealed a couple of days ago.

“My relationship with Kurt was pretty much the same. I continued to be involved, I was copied in on everything and attended all the meetings. It was a period of transition, leading up to his death [in April 1994], and I was doing it all from the position of being an Atlantic exec. For me, in terms of the arc of my life and career, that seemed to be the best way to go.”

Dave Grohl was filmed making a surprising Kurt Cobain demand at a recent concert. Goldberg was then asked if it changed his relationship with Cobain, “I promised Kurt I would still be there for him and I don’t think we subsequently talked any less than we would have. It was more difficult with the other artists at Gold Mountain, who I wasn’t going to maintain that relationship with, Belinda and Bonnie and some of the others, and some of the people in the office.

That was like leaving school and knowing you’re not going to see these people much anymore. I felt a real pang about that. I didn’t have any doubt about my connection to Kurt; that was going to stay the way it was.” Goldberg made the comments in a Music Business Worldwide interview.