Kurt Cobain Widow Reveals Brutal Heroin Photo


Late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love was allegedly offered $100,000 by Oxycontin heirness Joss Sackler to attend her Fashion Week show as part of her efforts to rehab her image, and Love shot her down, saying she ‘won’t sell out’ to the Sackler family. A disgusting Frances Bean Cobain funeral insult video was revealed yesterday.

Love later posted a photo of a bottle of the Oxycontin drug, a synthetic form of heroin, on social media, writing, “Shame.shame.shame.” She added, “Fuck OxyContin. I do NOT FUCK WITH IT.”

Love clarified, “No I don’t take OxyContin anymore. No !! Sorry! Omg. I posted this , because I had a whole thing with @josssackler the #sackler OxyContin family. It’s page 6. New York post. Emily Smith/ I’m sorry ! Didn’t mean to scare anyone!! FUCK NO!! Don’t take this shit!”

“Trying to be ‘subtle’ was making my texts go nuts.. so per the previous 3 images . – NaN goldin s rose – OxyContin bottle and @josssacklers golden threaded Phoenix- here..”

Kurt Cobain taking a shot at Tool was revealed last week. Love continued, “Eva Braun was just an empowered woman who married into the hitler family also. Bummer joss. #bipartisanissue #pureevil #opioidcrisis #goodplaceformyrage #page6 #sober #sacklerfamily #monsters.”

“Wow.. I was truly hoping that there would be an inspired reason for #purduepharma #sackler family hybrid mega breed opium- ‘ thebaine’ poppy- the ‘ Norman ‘ poppy/ it just means ‘ no morphine’ here, he explains ‘ just a bit of luck really.'”

Oh wow .. that has gotta suck.. @josssackler , to have to take @jetblue to make your poor kids take jet blue instead of your g5. 🇨🇳trips to China for #munipharma ? #sacklerfamily #davidsackler @observer shame on you . #oxycontin eat your damned vegetables.”

Below is a photo of the pill bottle Love posted. Dave Grohl recently made a gross Kurt Cobain bathroom claim.