Slash Reveals When He’s ‘Finished’ With Guns N’ Roses


Guns N’ Roses are rumored to be six months away from finishing new material, but Slash refused to comment on that rumored number in a new Guitar Player magazine interview. He said when he’s finished with the next Guns N’ Roses album and tour, he’ll resume work with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.

“After this tour’s over I go back to working on Guns. So I come up with stuff here and there and jam it with the band at soundcheck to get the idea of where it’s headed, and then we get it down on tape. And at some point where there’s a window in the Guns’ schedule, we’ll get together and record it. There’s some really good material for this next one, whenever we get around to doing it. So I’m really excited.”

“We finally started working toward getting some [GNR] material recorded. We get back together in October and go out on the road, and then as soon as that’s over, we’ll hunker down and start moving toward getting a record done.”

He added, “I have no idea at what pace that will happen. [laughs] With Guns N’ Roses it’s best not to speculate. You just do it when it’s gotta be done.”

AxlRoseCDII posted a review of Tuesday’s Guns N’ Roses concert in Jacksonville, Florida on, “Listen- I totally get the comments about the setlist. Part of me was a little disappointed not to hear Locomotive, Dead Horse, or Hard School.

But this band can fucking rock. It was an amazing concert. From start to finish it was exceptional. The band is firing on all cylinders.

Axl sounds amazing for his age. The fact that he’s getting through this set at 57 is mind blowing. And I will say this about the setlist- it’s stale but it’s extremely solid. Good mixture of Chinese, Appetite and Illusions. I actually forgot how many illusion tracks are in this setlist! Hearing Madagascar and Don’t Cry were always a dream of mine, especially Madagascar.

Slash is king as always. Fortus is very underrated as a guitar player. I don’t get when people see that the band seems bored when playing songs. I see nothing but the opposite- the band has an insane energy! They look like they’re having a blast. In all the bootlegs I’ve seen, this show contained possibly the happiest and most jovial Axl I’ve ever seen. He was talking probably every song or two. Cracking jokes, all the fun stuff. It makes me glad to see the guy at peace after so many years of torment.

Just an exceptional show. I think Russ said it best the other week. Just be happy that there is a band. They may not be around forever. Axl is only going to get older from here. Enjoy it while it lasts. Try to see a show if you can. This lineup is exceptional. Best concert I’ve been too.”

You can read the full Slash interview at Guitar Player.