Creed Member Reveals Why It ‘Pissed Me Off’ To See ‘A Million Haters’


Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti was recently interviewed on “Jon’s Untitled Podcast” and discussed internet haters. Tremonti has dealt with plenty over the years with Creed.

“I went through it, and when I was in it, it really pissed me off to see anything negative about [my] band,” the Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist said. “But even the biggest stars in the world — you take a Michael Jackson: if you wanna have tens of millions of fans, you’re gonna have a million haters out there as well, no matter who you are. So the bigger you are, the bigger target you have on your back. Especially when you have a ton of success. People love the underdog, people hate the guy on top, or the girl on top. And it’s tough to stay on top.”

He continued, “Just yesterday, a song came on the radio. My kids flipped through the stations and a Taylor Swift song came on. [They said] ‘Oh, this song sucks.’ Or, ‘Taylor Swift’s no good.’ [And I’m, like] ‘What are you talking about? Do you know what talent it takes to fill stadiums around the world and keep on writing these songs and perform to the level she does?

And have Mick Jagger come on the stage with you, and this star come on the stage with you and you hold your own against all these people? It takes a lot. So for people just to slag on the top people, I think, is wrong. Try to take the bitter metal guy that plays in his bedroom, you get up and play in a stadium in front of that many people and see how difficult it is. ‘Cause it’s not just sitting in a chair in your room in a perfect little environment. There’s a lot of other factors.”