Foo Fighters Reveal If They Will Ever Tour Again


Dave Grohl revealed that Foo Fighters have no plan to tour and play socially distanced shows while the pandemic is still ongoing, revealing that the band will find new ways to connect with fans. Grohl told NME that Foo Fighters will tour again when it is ‘safe.’

Grohl said, “First and foremost, our main concern is that everyone is safe. Our band wouldn’t just jump out on the road for the sake of having an audience. Listen, we really do care for the people that come to see the band, so until we get to a place where everyone’s safe and sound, we’ll just have to adapt and figure out new ways to connect with the audience.

Our band is rooted in live performance, more than anything. I love making records and everything that goes along with being in this band. But being on stage is really where we shine. Until that can happen safely, we’re just gonna have to fucking knock it out in the rehearsal room.”

He added, “To be honest, being away from it for six or seven months, not seeing the guys and having instruments in our laps, getting back to the rehearsal place and playing together to no one was just the best feeling in the world. When we get back and once it happens that we walk on stage to an audience, I have a feeling it’ll be the best show and the best feeling the band’s ever had.”

Foo Fighters just released a new single titled “Shame Shame” over the weekend. JCrawf88 reviewed the song on Reddit, writing, “Personally, I’m disappointed. A really bizarre choice for the first single, unless they’re trying to set expectation for what the rest of the album will sound like. Shame Shame just shuffles and plods along to a chorus that doesn’t have a hook strong enough to stick in your head.

I find the ‘woah-ohh’s’ around the halfway mark really annoying too. On the plus side, at least it doesn’t really sound like anything they’ve done before, and there’s every chance it’ll sound a lot better on the album. Right now though, it’s a track that’s hard to love.”