The Cult Mock Green Day Rumor At Guns N’ Roses Concert


The Cult opened for Guns N’ Roses last night in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium, and frontman Ian Astbury mocked rumors that Green Day would open at the show instead of them.

“A lot of people thought this would be Green Day, but it’s not.”

Astbury seemed frustrated by the audience’s lack of reaction during the band’s set, calling them lazy at one point. The audience had not yet filled in as The Cult went on at around 6:30PM, so there wasn’t much energy during most of the set. The energy level picked up from the crowd during the last few songs compared to the lackluster earlier reaction, especially when Ian Astbury mentioned that “She Sells Sanctuary” made KROQ. Astbury also mentioned that there were a lot of stories he had about Guns N’ Roses, but he didn’t tell any.