Metallica Icon Reveals If Jason Newsted Was Secretly Fired


On Twitter recently former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney answered several superfans who asked why he left the group, to begin with, and, in addition, why he was never brought back into the Metallica fold when one-time bassist Cliff Burton tragically passed away in the Eighties, and if there was a secret plan to bring him back and fire Jason Newsted. This Metallica ex-bassist recently revealed this massive reunion offer. 

“I was never asked. McGovney stated on his social media account. We had already been on that roller coaster. It wouldn’t have worked for them or for me.”

In other news regarding Metallica – one fan took to the subreddit of the group to reveal this very interesting key detail about the group’s classic hit ‘Fade to Black’. Metallica were spotted at a bar in this photo, is James Hetfield sober?

Has anyone noticed that after the lyrics Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye which is the last one of the song, there is a scream of James [Hetfield] which seems like he eventually committed suicide (something like jumping from a roof maybe) that is mentioned in the song? Do you think it makes sense or is everything in my mind?

To which one Reddit member replied: “Yeah, it’s a scream of agony. Fun fact though is that, in Scott Ian’s biography, I read that James wrote this song the day after some of Metallica’s gear was stolen from the building they, and Anthrax as well, used a practice space. I don’t know if that’s true, but I liked the story.”

Dave Mustaine recently unloaded on Metallica disrespect at concert. While another poster had their own thoughts on the matter: “I have listened to this song perhaps a thousand times, over several decades, and never once did I think it had anything to do with suicide. [It’s] more like a natural death, the gradual fade to black over time since we are born. It is that fitting song to say goodbye to ourselves or to our loved ones, from natural causes or unfortunate illness. but suicide? gosh no, leave that to emo bands. no disrespect to OP, or to those suffering from mental illness. Metallica’s music cures!”