Dave Abbruzzese Makes Special Pearl Jam Announcement


Dave Abbruzzese is the quintessential drummer for Pearl Jam. Just about any song that truly went deep into the mainstream was thanks to the hard hitting drummer that is Dave. Truly, he has always been a fan favorite when it comes to former members of the band.

It was recently revealed that Dave still does focus a bit on Pearl Jam and that’s always great to know that he’s still at it, and surely he hasn’t lost his touch.

Per the State Of Love And Trust Podcast, this was said: “friend of the show Dave Abbruzzese tells us he’s working on some new PJ reflection videos. they should be coming out in the coming weeks. can’t wait! #SOLATpod #PearlJam”

Now, going into the comments, some have made assumptions that Dave will be on the podcast at some point and this should be a great time if it does happen. This also comes at the time where Pearl Jam will also be going on a run to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Yield.

Pearl Jam won’t be going on tour for the anniversary, but Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament will be on a Sirius program to talk about the album, and we do expect them to also bring up what is in the cards for Pearl Jam in the future. Now, never say never is one thing, but seeing Dave back behind the kit is a bit of a farfetched idea.

We’d personally love to see Dave at it once again, but there may be something that holds that back. In any regard, it feels so full circle to see everyone, both current and former of Pearl Jam to be still doing what they do best. We can’t wait to see what’s next for everyone on their own journey as time moves forward.