Greta Van Fleet Confirm Tragedy: ‘You’ll Be Remembered’


Greta Van Fleet drummer Danny Wagner has confirmed the death of legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker, who died at 80 on Sunday. News came out a couple of weeks ago that he was ill and near death. Wagner said, “RIP Ginger you’ll always be remembered.” Greta Van Fleet fans called out an accusation about a member faking a performance yesterday.

A Greta Van Fleet fan on Reddit posed the idea that the band may have tried psychedelics to influence their music, and other fans pointed out that all evidence suggests the band are clean rock and rollers, having learned lessons from their predecessors hardships.

A Greta Van Fleet groupie sneaking on a tour bus was revealed yesterday. lifelongbruxr posted, “I really don’t think they do. The most they do is pot and alcohol. There are rarely any stories about them with drugs or anything related to the stereotypical “rock and roll” lifestyle. They are a family band and they got a group of people looking out for them (their security has been increased since a year ago) and making sure they don’t go down a bad path or surrounded by people who do. They have said in interviews (Sam has) that they have a circle of people and they are picky of who they let in.”

mattszerlag wrote, “Zero proof to support that idea. In fact as you’ve stated, there’s proof to the opposite! Just light drinking and heavy vaping from jake. Josh smoked ciggys but stopped at some point.” A Greta Van Fleet member was recently photographed napping at a concert.