Dave Grohl Acts Like Fanboy In U2 Show Video


Dave Grohl is one of the biggest fans of U2 and has made that clear over the years. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Foofighters member was spotted vibing and having a great time at U2’s latest concert at the Las Vegas Sphere. Videos showed just how much fun he was having last night.

In case you didn’t know, Liam Gallagher previously criticized U2, elaborating on his response to Dave Grohl’s praise, where Grohl called him “one of the last remaining rock stars.” In an interview with NME, Grohl had lauded Gallagher’s rock star persona and praised their collaboration on the song ‘Everything Electric.’ When asked on Twitter about Grohl’s praise, Gallagher responded positively, stating that Grohl was correct and that the rest were “useless.”

In a subsequent interview with Loudwire, Gallagher expanded on his initial response, expressing his belief that many who consider themselves rock stars lead boring lives. He singled out U2, questioning their claim to being a rock ‘n’ roll band and criticizing them for not embodying a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Gallagher emphasized the importance of living an exciting life in the realm of rock ‘n’ roll.

“It’s like putting a F****** quarter in a juke box and just turning it up with that guy. It’s fucking great. Obviously, he’s an amazing singer and he’s a fucking rock star. He is one of the few last remaining rock stars.”

Gallagher further suggested that U2 should have engaged in more rebellious behavior if they wanted to label themselves a rock ‘n’ roll band. He emphasized the importance of attitude in rock ‘n’ roll, stating that while music is a factor, attitude plays a significant role. Gallagher argued that people might find the concept of rock ‘n’ roll silly, but for him, it holds deep meaning.

He expressed a preference for the rebellious and non-politically correct nature of rock ‘n’ roll over conforming to political correctness.

He added: “Without a doubt, I think [it’s about] attitude. A lot of people will go, ‘Oh it’s all about music’. But I disagree, I don’t think it’s all about music. Obviously you’ve got a certain degree of, your tunes have gotta be decent enough, but I think attitude goes a long way.

“But, people just think that rock ‘n’ roll kind of sounds a bit silly and a bit stupid, but it means a lot to me. I’d rather be that than fucking some politically correct f**** idiot