Dave Grohl Plays With Two Drummers On New Album


“All Born Screaming,” the eagerly awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2021 album ‘Daddy’s Home,’ is set to make its entrance on April 26. The recent revelation of guest appearances by Cate Le Bon and Dave Grohl, who contributes his drumming prowess to the lead single ‘Broken Man,’ adds an exciting dimension to the self-produced album. Beyond Grohl, an eclectic lineup graces the record, featuring talents like Rachel Eckroth, Devo, Foo Fighters’ Josh Freese, Mark Guiliana, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Warpaint’s Stella Mogzawa, and David Ralicke.

The lead single, ‘Broken Man,’ stands out as an industrial and menacing rock creation, with Annie Clark, also known as St. Vincent, delivering an ominous introduction to her new era. As she prowls and warns,

“On the street, I’m a king-sized killer – I can make your kingdom come,” Clark, in a conversation with NME, explains that this line and the overall tone of the track are indicative of the mood permeating ‘All Born Screaming.’ It encapsulates “that lustre and swagger that you feel right before things go terribly wrong,” providing a glimpse into the multifaceted emotional landscape explored in the upcoming album.

In response to a query about the characters she embodies in ‘Broken Man’ and ‘All Born Screaming,’ Clark reveals a departure from her usual character-driven approach. Instead, she presents an introspective journey, sharing:

“In general on this record, there’s no character – it’s just me. It’s just the sound of the inside of my head. I produced it so my hand is on every moment.”

She delves into the theme of brokenness, acknowledging the layers it holds, ranging from the outwardly confident persona to the vulnerability and complexities beneath the surface. This exploration, she notes, captures the gnarly essence of existence, showcasing the dichotomy and intensity of human experience.

The conversation turns to the notable collaboration with Dave Grohl on drums. Clark provides a vivid description of the song’s progression, stating:

“From the beginning of the song, it’s a slow-burn. The shape of the song is climbing the mountain, because it just grows and grows.”

Vincent unveils the involvement of three drummers, with the initial programming, Mark Guiliana’s contribution in the middle section, and the grand finale featuring Dave Grohl. Describing Grohl’s entrance, she notes his “absolute reckless spirit” as he takes the track to the edge, injecting a surge of energy that elevates the song to unprecedented heights.

Needless to say, this collaboration is a very pivotal element in enhancing the ‘gnarl’ factor of the music, contributing to the overall intensity and unpredictability of the sonic journey in ‘All Born Screaming.’