Howard Stern Makes Heartbreaking Nine Inch Nails Revelation


Howard Stern discussed Nine Inch Nails on a recent episode of his show, and while he loves the band, he said he needed a little break before therapy and after singing along had the song turned off. recapped: After the break they played Nine Inch Nails ”Hurt” as they were coming back. Howard sang along with that a little bit. Howard wanted to wait for the part where it kicks in.

Howard asked how much fun it was to watch those guys. Robin said it was amazing. Howard had Fred turn off the song. He said he’s exhausted. He said he has to go do press after the show. He said he gets a little break but then he has to do that. He said then he has to go to therapy. He said there’s no end in sight for that.

Howard Stern discussed Trent Reznor in an interview with Jimmy Iovine in 2017. Alternative Nation transcribed parts of their conversation. Below is an excerpt.

Stern said, “I love your whole story with Nine Inch Nails. So here you own Interscope, and I think Trent Reznor is unbelievable. In fact, Trent Reznor says it in your movie, he says, ‘To me, it was so great in the old days because rock stars were hidden away. You only got to see them once in awhile.’ Trent Reznor, I thought this guy was living in a dungeon or something. But Trent Reznor was signed to some shitty little label, independent label [TVT].”

“So he was signed to a little label, and you wanted Trent Reznor really bad, you wanted Nine Inch Nails.”

Iovine responded, “I knew that combined with Dre would define Interscope.”

Stern said, “So you got, again you were a nudge, you just pursued Trent Reznor’s record company and somehow made a deal with them.”

Iovine added, “To the point of psychosis. I really feel I aged a lot in that particular moment. I think that’s the most I ever aged in my career.”

Stern said, “But what a move man. I remember going to see him in concert when Nine Inch Nails was the thing. Oh my god, the greatest live show, the guy is a true genius.”

“I don’t like knowing him now. Now he’s too normal. I liked him when he was all creepy, and maggots, and decaying flesh.”

“He’s something. I love the guy.”

Audio of Stern revealing a plot to use Chris Cornell to help get Eddie Vedder on his show recently leaked.