Dave Grohl Brutally Disrespected On Plane In Sad Photo


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was immediately mobbed by autograph seekers right after getting off a plane at an airport in New York a couple of days ago. Grohl obliged the request, and signed the autographs despite seeming noticeably tired from the flight. Michael Jackson’s daughter recently leaked a brutal Dave Grohl and Nirvana photo.

Dippinthosechips recently posted on Reddit about an underrated Foo Fighters album, “One by One is a great album. It’s the intersection between the more mature sounds of later years and the aggressive testosteronated rocking of the early albums. Things like the vocal harmonies on the open of Disenchanted Lullaby give it great feeling and depth, and All My Life and Low are just straight ahead bangers. Halo is a completely underrated gem. The guitar tones are cutting and aggressive. There’s good dynamic range.

I don’t know why it’s got that reputation as the throwaway album, because it think One By One is great. Honestly I think I listen to it more than any other Foo album. Though that has a lot to do with it having what I think is the strongest opening track of any album ever, and followed up by two really good songs.”

BuccoFever412 commented, “I couldn’t agree more. This is my FAVE Foos album. It’s in my top 5 albums of all time. It’s one of the very few I can listen front to back without skipping a single song. I know Dave isn’t a fan of this record, but I’m so glad they made it. One By One is a masterpiece.”

Q_Lee wrote, “I was crazy about that album when it came out. I feel like that was the point that the FF went from a band I really liked to being MY band. That CD played on a loop in my car for at least a year. I started wearing a leather cuff bracelet and I painted the black heart on the closet door of my college apartment. Covering that up when I moved was difficult in many ways.” Dave Grohl was recently caught with John Lennon’s widow in a sad photo.