Ozzy Osbourne Reveals ‘Dangerous’ Drug He Is Using

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon Osbourne were recently interviewed by British publication The Daily Mail in which the “The Prince of Darkness” and his lovely wife discusses several topics. This Ozzy Osbourne arrest for attacking his wife was recently revealed.
Here, Ozzy discusses a shocking discovery that scientists found out about the headbanging metal star. Osbourne told the tabloid: “They mapped my genes out, apparently, I’ve got this thing where I have a really high tolerance for drugs and drink.”
This Ozzy Osbourne disturbing funeral announcement was freshly revealed. In addition, the Black Sabbath frontman revealed how ‘dangerously addictive’ the current drug he is taking is as he told the publication: “coming off that [Pain medication] stuff is miserable. Why would I take something that makes me feel temporarily OK if I know misery awaits? The medication I’m taking now is dangerously addictive, so it isn’t in my possession. A nurse gives it to me. ‘There’ve been times when I’ve said, “Sharon, you’ve got to give me something stronger”, but she wouldn’t give in. And I’m glad because I’d be chewing up morphine tablets now if it was down to me.”