Tool Member ‘Collapses’ With Coke In Leaked Photo


Tool fans recently unearthed a rare photo of Maynard James Keenan collapsing and laying down holding a bottle of coke. Fans also recently discussed if it is worth seeing back to back shows on the ‘Fear Inoculum’ tour, and if there are enough variations in the performances or setlists. A Tool member ‘gained muscle’ in a stunning new photo.

AltruisticKangaroo posted on Reddit, “Is it worth seeing them two nights in a row in the same city? Saw them in 2001, but haven’t crossed paths or had the money since then. I have GA tickets to the first Sydney show on Monday, and I just noticed the Tuesday night show in Sydney has seats (halfway back and in the nosebleeds) still available. I assume the lightshow will be the same, but how likely are they to play different songs? Is it worth going both nights?”

Pneunema responded, “I bought tickets to 4 shows. 2 shows in 2 cities, 2 nights in a row for each city. It was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. They’re pushing 60, so you never know if there’ll be another chance.”

SkyInamorata said, “Can’t say I’ve been to two consecutive shows in the same city, but I did go to the Austin show and then Dallas the next day earlier this month after seeing them for my first time in October. A lot of the same songs were played with a couple being switched out for others, which was nice, but I wouldn’t have cared if that hadn’t have been the case. It’s my understanding that it’s up to Maynard what they play, so there’s no way of knowing. If I were you and had the funds, I would go without thinking twice about it.”

avalonfogdwellerTalking wrote, “If you can swing it, 100% yes, who knows when you’ll get another chance to see them, the setlist is mostly the same minus a few songs switched out, but for example, I saw them night 2 in Toronto, was in town for night 1 but didn’t go, they played Descending and Intolerance night 1, which I missed, night 2 I got to see Part of Me and Maynard KILLED it, but I wish I’d see Descending. Go for it I say.” Maynard James Keenan recently revealed why he wouldn’t attend the Grammys.

Layin’ down, suckin’ up from r/ToolBand