Dave Grohl Eerie John Lennon Secret Finally Revealed


In an interview with Warren Huart, recording engineer Bradley Cook looks back on engineering the Foo Fighters classic The Colour and the Shape- particularly Dave Grohl’s work on the song “Everlong”. Alternative Nation transcribed comments from the interview. Hearing the vocals isolated off the mixing console, Cook recollected:

“On this record, Dave told me the first record, Dave tripled all his vocals, just tripled them out-that’s not so great and Gil [Norton, producer of the FF’s sophomore effort] kind of wanted him to step out of that and do more lead vocally stuff cause Dave hated his voice. So he [Dave] wanted to double, triple it; some of the songs were single vocals and it brought him out.”

Warren Huart mentions John Lennon was another great singer that hated his voice and would use manipulation techniques to alter it. Looking at a photo of Grohl from the sessions in which he appears to be screaming, Cook continues:

“There were some intense parts of the song. This wouldn’t be ‘Everlong’ we’re talking about. But he does this thing where he makes the screaming muscles and everything but yet he’s screaming very quietly, but it looks like he’s screaming his face off, turning red doing it.”