Gavin Rossdale Reveals If He Really Imitated Nirvana


Bush and Live – two major post grunge bands of the 1990’s and beyond reflect on some of their earliest memories of being around the rock world including being contemporaries of Nirvana. In a video feature called ‘Marquee Memories’ featuring Bush singer Gavin Rossdale and Live singer Ed Kowalczyk, they talk about a number of bands from the grunge era.

Ed: “I saw Nirvana back in 1994, it was the In Utero tour. We were working on music with our producer Jerry Harrison who’s in Talking Heads and he got us backstage and it was just outrageously good. They seemed kind of bummed out from being on tour and they just turned it on and it was so freakin’ awesome. I couldn’t believe it was three guys making that much sound.”

Gavin: “They had such an incredible space in music that it was hard not to be inspired by them. They’re a great band obviously.”

Of course, the quote is important because Bush was dogged for much of their early run [1994-2001] by constant complaints that they were making money off of Nirvana’s sound and had little originality of their own.

In 21st century hindsight, a number of critics and fans looked back more fondly on Bush and realized that there were a lot of imitators out there. Whether or not they were too heavily influenced by Nirvana doesn’t matter as much anymore, Bush’s 1990’s output has a better reputation than it once did 20 years ago.

Live still has fans of a number of their 1990’s singles to this day. Both bands were enormously famous in the mid-1990’s within the post grunge era – both released albums with 5 hits apiece in 1994, Sixteen Stone and Throwing Copper. 25 years later, they’re on tour together rocking again.