You Won’t Believe How Fast Dave Grohl Chugged Beer At Foo Fighters Show


At Foo Fighters’ show on Sunday in Bossier City, Louisiana, Dave Grohl had a rock star moment on stage.

He said, “Pardon me while I have my rock medicine.”

Grohl then proceeded to chug a Coors Light beer at quite possibly record speed. He then burped very loudly and strapped his guitar on. You can watch the video below.

The Shreveport Times stated in their review, “Early on during their three-hour concert Sunday night, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl asked the crowd of adoring fans, ‘Do you love rock and roll?’ In 2018, that’s not a bad question to ask.

With a rap artist winning a Pulitzer (deservedly so), and with EDM and DJ’s becoming the new musical gods for the next generation, a guitar, bass and drum package can seem downright old fashioned. There aren’t many rock stars left — septuagenarians Paul McCartney, Elton John and Paul Simon are taking one last trip around the concert circuit, and no one below the age of 30 has stepped up to become an arena staple — so Grohl and his cohorts gladly took up the mantle, as they have done for nearly a quarter century.

The Foo Fighters are rock’s greatest asset, and they proved it to a near-capacity crowd at the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City.

All the earmarks of a traditional hard rock show were on hand: Laser lights? Check. Songs off the new album? Check (four songs represented from Concrete and Gold, the most from any of their discography) Interplay with the audience? Check (the show pushed toward midnight but would have ended 30 minutes earlier if Grohl hadn’t said a word between songs). A cross section of rock history cover songs? Check (the Ramones, Queen — twice — and Alice Cooper, among others). Jubilant cursing? Check (I stopped counting after the 43rd f-bomb). In short, the Foos know how to give the crowd their money’s worth.”