Dave Grohl Sings Foo Fighters “Best of You” With Taylor Swift


Foo Fighters appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden last night. The band performed “Best of You”

Before Dave Grohl and company rocked the stage – and after Paul McCartney’s Carpool Karaoke aired – the singer sat down with Corden to discuss the Beatles’ influence on his music as well as share an anecdote about a party he attended with the Beatles legend and Taylor Swift, which explained why Grohl opted to dust off the Foo Fighters’ 2005 single for Late Late Show.

According to Rolling Stone, the story revolved around the inebriated Grohl attending a party at a McCartney residence, with the Beatles great performing a new song on piano. McCartney then invited Grohl to do a song for the party, however Grohl can’t play piano and all of McCartney’s guitars were strung left-handed.

Swift, also in attendance, then heroically stepped in and started playing a song on the piano that Grohl, still inebriated, recognized but couldn’t place. Grohl’s wife eventually pointed out that the song Swift was playing was “Best of You.” “Then I got up next to her and started ‘singing’ with her,” Grohl said.