Tool New Album Guitar Recording Photos Leak, Is It Almost Done?


Chrys Johnson recently visited Tool in the studio, and he revealed in photos that Adam Jones is finally recording guitar parts for the album. The band had previously announced that Danny Carey had finished drum tracking, and that Justin Chancellor had begun recording bass. This progress shows that a finish line is in sight for Tool finishing recording their instrumentals so Maynard James Keenan can come in and record his vocals to complete the album. Keenan has tour dates with A Perfect Circle through the end of 2018, but he has gaps where he could come in and record. He previously stated that he had written lyrics.

John wrote on Instagram, “Hanging with TOOL in the studio this week while they track some guitar and bass for the new album has been

@jimdunlopusa #DunlopPicks @adamjones_tv @eviljoebarresi #AdamJones #JustinChancellor #JoeBaressi #JimDunlop #TOOL.”

“Great to hang with you Joe! Hope to kick it again soon! @eviljoebarresi #JoeBarresi #Producer #Engineer.”

“Incredible honor to spend some quality time in the studio this week with you Adam…thank you for everything ?? @adamjones_tv #TOOL.”

View the new Tool studio photos below from Chrys Johnson’s Instagram page.