Dave Grohl Kisses Stunning Woman In Leaked Video


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl gave a stunningly beautiful woman a drumstick and kissed her on the cheek at The Bird and the Bees’ Van Halen tribute show in Los Angeles on Friday. Grohl was spotted with a big name female teen singer recently.

weezburger wrote on Instagram, “‘A drumstick and a kiss’ is my new band name 😍”

Good Guy Grohl isn’t the only one doing good deeds, as a fan on Reddit reported news on Good Guy Taylor Hawkins!

Jmart814 wrote on Reddit, “Randomly walked into a sound check for Chevy Metal at the Dirtybird in Laguna Beach. Still on cloud 9 from the experience we had meeting one of my idols Taylor Hawkins, and of course I was wearing a Foos shirt. Got his drumsticks after their secret show too!”

“I literally walked into the bar because we heard live music being played around 3pm.. I look to the small little stage and Taylor is on the drums and there’s literally no one else in the bar and I say ‘Holy shit are you Taylor?’ He pulls the mic over and says ‘Yup, what up!’ I return with ‘I’m wearing a fucking Foo Fighters shirt!’ Taylor says ‘Shut the front door!’

Not making any of that up. I’ll never forget that moment. Slowly the rest of Chevy Metal started to drop in and they played My Sharona and I Think I’m Japanese during that sound check.

Still at a loss for words as Taylor’s stuff was right next to where we sat and just enjoyed the sound check and he’d come talk to us every few minutes checking his phone.

We told him that we were getting married next summer and our first dance is going to be to Everlong acoustic version and he was stoked on that. Real awesome guy.

Thank you Taylor!!” Dave Grohl revealed awful The Who rejection recently.