Rage Against The Machine Singer Reveals New Girlfriend


Rage Against The Machine singer Zack de la Rocha is apparently off the market according to Canadian musician Lido Pimienta, who said she spotted Zack with his girlfriend in a series of new tweets. A rock icon revealed why he’s done ‘for good’ with Rage Against The Machine’s members a couple days ago.

“I guess Zack de la Rocha lives by our spot in Los Ángeles, we were walking with our baby in stroller talking about ‘Dutch people are the tallest in the world’ and a cute couple walks by, the man smiles at baby and as we cross paths we realized it was Zack. Baby daddy flipped

And he stopped and coz he is a shy Canadian dude didn’t walk towards them, I didn’t run back either because it was just such a nice moment to see this super amazing person just walking down the street smiling at our family and we smiled back and I see it as a good omen.

By this time next year, we will be in the studio together again 🌸manifesting into existence.”

The Rage Against The Machine reunion tour dates are set to kick off in March 2020, and fans on Reddit are speculating about how much tickets will cost.

MensRightsActivia posted, “How expensive should we expect tickets to be? Just wondering what others on this sub are thinking. Never seen RATM live, and I don’t go to concerts often in general so I’m not too experienced buying tickets online. Does $100 – $200 for this sound right? 🤔 I live in El Paso now, and I’ve been dreaming for this to happen so really I hope I can afford it. Good luck everyone!”

Evan8D responded, “If I compare to tool ticket prices; $150 for GA/pit area, elsewhere cheaper. But I’m sure tickets will sell out very quick and will be plenty of scalpers to resale.” Freshpotatosoup wrote, “I think it depends on what venues they hit and how many more dates they add. For the Phoenix show, if they play somewhere like Gila River (capacity like 5k) I could see them being like 150+ at face for floor/GA.

If they play like, the State Farm Stadium (like 50k or something insane like that) probably half that or less. I don’t see them playing monster venues unless they don’t add but a few more dates. If they only play those few south west dates, it’s going to suck ass getting tickets at all. F**k whatever bullshit games we all paid for Tool tickets.” Rage Against The Machine revealed why they really reunited a few days ago.