Dave Grohl Makes Eddie Vedder Secret Revelation


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl discussed playing with Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder in Mike Watt’s solo band during the early days of Foo Fighters in 1995 on tour in a new interview. He said the tour with Watt and Vedder prepared the Foos to play at the Reading Festival in 1995. Eddie Vedder’s wife recently reacted to a bizarre Creed and Scott Stapp claim by a fan.

He told NME, “That was really our first legitimate show in the UK. We played one small surprise gig at King’s College maybe a month before that, but we were a baby band. We’d only been playing for about a month. They put us on the side stage, which I was perfectly happy and comfortable with.

We’d toured America playing with Mike Watt [and Eddie Vedder] and had been playing in small clubs and small theatres, so it was the right place for us to be. To find out that we were headlining the side stage in the tent for us was big. We showed up and so many people were trying to cram into that tent that at one point the promoter came to me and asked if we would go on after Bjork on the main stage.”

Dave Grohl was filmed forgetting the lyrics to “Hey, Johnny Park!” at a Foo Fighters show a few days ago. Hovercraft, featuring Eddie Vedder, was part of the bill at 1995 shows with Foo Fighters and Mike Watt, and Watt, Vedder, and Grohl also played together.

“Could people tell who I was?” Vedder told Rolling Stone magazine while on the tour after a show in St. Louis in spring 1995. Many fans didn’t seem to know it was him playing guitar with his back to the audience, and they got a legitimate applause without Vedder’s fame swaying the audience. “Good. I’m glad there’s still a bit of mystery,” he says. Eddie Vedder revealing what Michael Jackson’s music did for him as a young boy was detailed yesterday.