Kim Thayil Embraces Soundgarden’s Biggest Fan At Comeback Show


Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil met Jeff Ansari, the owner of and quite possibly the biggest Soundgarden fan online, after his first full length North American performance since Chris Cornell’s death with MC50 on Wednesday in Orlando, Florida.

Thayil put his arm around Jeff for an embrace, and fanboyed out himself over meeting Soundgarden’s biggest fan.

“Oh my god! Are you Jeffgarden? I’ve seen fuckin’ Jeffgarden, what’s your name?”

Jeff said, “Jeff.”

Thayil added, “Is your last name Garden? I’ve read Jeffgarden. Nice!”

Jeff also tweeted, “Now I’m thinking that time we were at a Chris meet and greet at a Soundgarden show, and Kim walked in the room and immediately left (lol) it must have been cause he wasn’t prepared to meet his idol : P”

You can view the video of their meeting followed by Thayil’s full performance with MC50 below. A photo was also taken showing that Thayil is still using Soundgarden gear.

Ramblin’ Rose
Kick Out The Jams
Come Together
Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)
Motor City Is Burning
I Want You Right Now
The American Ruse
I Can Only Give You Everything (Them cover)
Looking at You