Listen To New Dave Grohl Song “Now I’m Alone”


A newly surfaced Dave Grohl song with the band Mission Impossible called “Now I’m Alone” is featured on the soundtrack for the new documentary Salad Days: A Decade of Punk. The track was recorded in 1985 and is one of Grohl’s earliest recordings, done even prior to his days with Scream, and long before Nirvana and Foo Fighters.

“Mission Impossible were a phenomenal, albeit short-lived, live band,” filmmaker Scott Crawford tells Rolling Stone. “I went to several of their practices in Virginia and just sat back and watch them go nuts. They were all superb musicians and watching Dave behind the drum kit was always a thrill.”

“I chose these bands for the soundtrack because they were all important bands from D.C. whose music defined the era for me,” Crawford says. “Plus, I felt like their music would resonate now with listeners all around the world. At its core, this music is timeless.”

You can listen to “Now I’m Alone” below.

Salad Days Soundtrack

Side A

1. Jawbox – “Motorist”
2. Shudder to Think – “Chocolate”
3. Double-0 – “Death of a Friend”
4. Holy Rollers – “What You Said”
5. Mission Impossible – “Now I’m Alone”
6. Youth Brigade – “It’s About Time That We Had a Change”
7. Kingface – “Tired”
8. Gray Matter – “Swann Street” (Live at the Black Cat, 2013)
9. Swiz – “Godspeed”

Side B

1. Government Issue – ” Where You Live”
2. Marginal Man – “Under a Shadow”
3. United Mutation – “Sensations Fix”
4. Black Market Baby – “Downward Christian Soldiers”
5. Fire Party – “Drowning Intentions”
6. Soulside – “Name in Mind”
7. Iron Cross – “You’re a Rebel”
8. Void – “Who Are You”
9. HR – “Epilogue”