Dave Grohl Punching ‘Threat’ At Foo Fighters Show Revealed


Dave Grohl jokingly threatened to release a Foo Fighters funk record over the weekend during a fantastic Nate Mendel bass solo at the Pilgrimage Festival, and he said if he follows through with the threat, fans have permission to punch him in the face. Grohl revealed a Guns N’ Roses member rejection in a classic article.

“Great job Nate. When he does that, I threaten the audience with a Foo Fighters funk record. Do you think we should make a funk record, everybody? Nope. That’s not gonna happen ever. If that happens, and you see me, just fucking punch me in the face.”

Dave Grohl’s secret Rock and Roll Hall of Fame role was recently revealed by the President. Cardwood1967 wrote about the Bourbon and Beyond festival performance on the Foo Fighters Reddit page, “Saw the Foos at Bourbon and Beyond Music Fest in Louisville KY. Had seen them previously in Lexington KY in May 2018. I have to say I was a little disappointed. Seemed that the crowd lacked energy and the Foos, with the exception of Grohl and Hawkins, lacked it as well.

They hit it out of the park with Run, La Dee Da and Best of You, but the rest of the setlist seemed as though they were just trying to get the gig over with. They may just be bored with the current setlist as it’s essentially been the same since 2017, or maybe they just need to take some time to work on a new record.

So, it was basically a bit of a mixed bag. The sound was not great (not nearly loud enough) and they even started All My Life in the wrong key, but overall I still enjoyed it. I will say this, I think they are much better indoor band than outdoor band. There might be more people outdoors, but the sound quality and the enthusiasm factor are much better at indoor venues. Hoping my next experience will be at least somewhat better than this particular one.” Dave Grohl recently discussed controversial Foo Fighters departures.