Dave Grohl Reveals Disturbing Attack Before Show


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently discussed having constant panic attacks before performing at the Reading festival. Dave Grohl recently told Josh Homme what he thought about a rock icon who savagely mocked Nirvana.

He told Kerrang, “Reading changed me. I grew up with it, so headlining was unbelievable. When I first joined Nirvana, like the day I fucking moved up [to Seattle], Krist [Novoselic, bass] was having a barbecue in his back yard, and Dan Peters, the drummer from Mudhoney was there. He was talking about just getting back from England, and I said to him, ‘What’s the biggest audience you’ve ever played to?’

He said, ‘About 35,000 people,’ and I said, ‘Where the fuck was that!?’ He told me there’s this festival in England called Reading, and it’s huge. Then I saw it on our itinerary in ‘91, that we’d be halfway up the bill with Sonic Youth and Iggy Pop, and from the day I saw that on there, to the minute I walked out onstage, I would wake up every fucking morning in a panic attack that I had to go and play in front of that many people.”

Good Guy Dave Grohl granted a gross request by a fan at a recent Foo Fighters show, but sadly, it disturbed a lot of the audience. Dave Grohl recently discussed the feeling of losing your virginity.

Grohl noticed a sign in the crowd, “‘Dave, would you be able to give me…’ Oh, my wristband? Oh, this thing? Ugh. You want this? It’s so nasty. That’s what you want?”

He squeezed the sweat out the wristband, as fans in the audience groaned.

“This is what you want? Crazy motherfucker. That’s it, okay?”

He then threw the wristband to the fan.

“I love you too. Just, you know what, wash that, cause it’s fucking, ew.”