Dave Grohl Reveals Nirvana Reunion Singer ‘Knows The Songs Better Than We Do’


Photo by Brett Buchanan for Alternative Nation

Dave Grohl discussed Nirvana’s 2014 reunion performances in a new Uproxxx interview.

Another one that sticks out is Deer Tick, who’ve become known for a side gig that they do as a Nirvana cover band, Deervana. That must be wild to have this tribute to a band you were a part of.

Yeah, we’ve played with the dude, too. Around the time of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, we did this performance where we jammed with a bunch of other musicians, and he was one of them. And it blew our minds that he knew the songs better than we did. The energy and the vibe was there, it felt right and it didn’t feel forced or strained. And it sounded great.

We also get to have Iggy Pop play with us. If anyone has influenced any of us, it’s that man. I remember hearing his music when I was a teenager and going “oh, this is where it comes from. Oh, now I get it.” I started listening to everything differently. I started hearing The Stooges in everything, from The Damned to Black Flag to The Germs. I just started hearing it everywhere once I was aware of it.

One time when I was on tour with my band Scream, I think I was 19 years old, and we were playing the same club as Iggy Pop. Iggy didn’t have a drummer that night so he asked me to play drums for him. I was 19! I had never met him before and was basically sleeping in a van out back of the club, and someone came up and was like “who’s the drummer? Do you want to play drums for Iggy Pop?” “OKAY!”

So, not only musically, but personally, he’s given me some of the highlights of my life. To be able to share a festival with that dude, and have Josh in the band with him, it’s pretty much all-you-can-eat good times.