Rage Against The Machine Icon Announces ‘Tragic Accident’


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has announced a tragic accident on Twitter.

Morello tweeted, “My condolences to the family of the great Minneapolis musical fixture and @ikereilly tour mgr Trevor Engelbrektson. Killed in a tragic accident this week. Friend, father, husband.Talented and kind. Please consider helping his family.”

Morello recently wrote on Instagram, “Happy 60th birthday to Perry Farrell!! Jane’s Addiction is one of my favorite bands and one of the most important bands in rock. They were the “punk rock Led Zeppelin” unapologetically fusing massive riffs with underground artistry, and Perry’s poetic insight and otherworldly voice. He’s also a great dude who gave RATM our first shot on Lollapalooza in ‘93. Happy birthday brother! Love ya!”

He posted a few days earlier, “On the anniversary of the USA’s invasion of Iraq remember two things: Republicans & Democrats both supported this immoral, criminal war of aggression and that many of us participated in the largest day of protest in world history in an attempt to stop it.”

“The ACLU is a tireless protector of freedom, truth, and justice. They have fearlessly hounded the perpetrators of excessive executive power, extrajudicial assassinations, and illegal surveillance of civilians, regardless of political party. They once even intervened on behalf of my underground high school newspaper. I am honored to be chosen the ACLU Ambassador for Smart Justice, the first musician in such a post. Our justice system is riddled with racial, economic and political injustice and I look forward to working with the ACLU to confront these injustices at every turn.”