Dave Grohl Reveals Queens of the Stone Age Paycheck


Dave Grohl recently joined in for an appearance with The Howard Stern Show as  Marksfriggin.com recapped the interview. During the conversation, the Foo Fighters frontman went on to speak about his paycheck during his performance with Queens of the Stone Age.

Dave Grohl talks about his paycheck with Queens of the Stone Age

During the interview, Howard said it was an honor to play on Nine Inch Nails’ With Teeth. Dave said it was huge for him. He told Howard how that came about and how he had worked with Trent in the past.

Howard then spoke about a financial consideration which was always present. He questioned whether worries about the matter. He was also questioned if he asks for a fee. Dave said that coming up with a contract is not the correct approach. He said that it is about going to the show and performing the best.

Howard asked if he gets a check for the day or does he have a rate worked out. Dave said that was the only time he ever asked to be paid. He said he has done other stuff and never asked to be paid. He said this was the only time. He revealed that he got a union scale for the Queens of the Stone Age gig. He said he works with the band for joy.

Howard asked if the manager ever asks him to stop doing that. Dave replied affirmatively. Howard said that he said to Trent that he wants to get paid. However, it was not at the initial phase. He said that he walked in and couldn’t believe that he got to play on a Nine Inch Nails album.

Grohl said that the opportunity was was huge to him and that’s more than getting paid. Howard said that sounds so romantic to be able to go in and create something with Trent.