Kanye West Girlfriend Looks Like Robert Pattinson In Photo


Julia Fox, the bold and brash actress, and model is not only known for her acclaimed roles in such Hollywood blockbusters as ‘Uncut Gems’ but also for dating the ever-so-controversial A-lister Kanye West. However, during a recent appearance at this year’s 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards, it was noted that Fox tried to embrace her dark side a bit too much. Howard Stern recently discussed this major Kanye West rumor.

While the 32-year-old was undoubtedly looking fierce, one social media user mocked Fox’s heavy use of eye makeup – comparing it to that of Robert Pattinson’s look in the hit film ‘The Batman’, which is now in theatres.

The user proclaimed: “Was anyone else picturing the Julia Fox/Kanye makeup under Rob Pattinson’s Batman mask?”? However, this was not the only social media user that criticized Fox’s look as another would criticize her outfit saying: “Julia Fox looks like she’s wearing half a fitted bed sheet”.

In other Kanye West news and notes, Slipknot icon Corey Taylor trashed the man nicknamed ‘Ye’ over the fact that West is choosing to wish to release his latest album via a two-hundred-dollar ‘stem player’. During a recent interview with Metro, Taylor would make the following comments. Credit to the outlet for the following.

“You’re assuming that the audience has the access and same technology that you have but you’re a f***ing moron for doing that. Are you serious? It doesn’t work that way. The thinking that that’s a smart thing to do just shows you how convoluted and off the f***ing property Kanye West is. When you’ve got that much money and that many people around you telling you exactly what you want to hear, your concept of reality just goes right out the f***ing window.

Taylor would then sum up his entire point with the following sentence by stating: “People can’t afford their f***ing apartments for f***’s sake. It’s not right.

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