Dave Grohl Reveals Surprising Artist Is The Next Nirvana


In a new interview with Jono and Ben, Dave Grohl compared Lorde’s success to Nirvana.

“I was so happy when Lorde became popular, especially in the States, because she sort of was doing what happened to Nirvana in 1991. That ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ song really stood out, because it seemed like there a little more substance and depth to it.”

Lorde performed “All Apologies” with Nirvana at their 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Grohl recently discussed Foo Fighters’ pre-show ritual with NME.

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich recently teased him about their differing pre-show rituals – Metallica’s being massage and meditation and Foos’ being cans and top bants. “I’m trying to grow up but I don’t know if it’s working,” Dave jokes. “I honestly feel like, for me, the best way to walk on stage is while everyone’s f**king laughing. Like at The O2 until 20 mins before we walked on stage…” Pat chimes in, “We had a lot of people in the dressing room, it was a lot of fun and then it’s like, ‘Oh great, we get to play a show now. Let’s go!’”

That ‘lot of people’ weren’t your usual motley crew of friends and family, either. Kylie Minogue, Simon Pegg and boxer Joe Calzaghe chatted while rowdy British punk band Idles played their support set. Stella McCartney was seen pulling Dave away to do sneaky Patrón shots from her secret supply while Foos bassist Nate Mendel was baffled as to who the 6ft 5in Czech dude, with whom everyone wanted selfies, was. “Are you some kind of sports guy?” he asked Arsenal goalie Petr Cech.