Marilyn Manson’s Bandmate Says An Iconic 90’s Singer Is ‘A Self-Serving Heroin Addict’


Ex-Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) has posted on Facebook:

Perry Farrell’s kind of an a******.

Perry Farrell is a self-serving heroin addict.

He also went back to writing about Marilyn Manson. Pogo recently shared alleged text messages from Manson, who appeared to be upset with his Facebook posts calling it ‘a landslide of libel.’

Was it the drugs? Was it his ego? Was it a combination or something else? Regardless, that person is gone.

Y’all should see my other comments, wherein I describe these things… however, to give you the short answer: I don’t know if it was fame or drugs or what?

However, in my own belief system, I think it was a combination of his own self-absorption combined with chemicals.

And I only add the chemical part in order to give him an excuse for being an a******.

Not until he pays me what he owes me, not until he apologizes, two things he will never do.

Haven’t you read all of the s*** in this post about how he f***** with my family?

This is not about being the bigger person, this is about Justice.

But I never cared about the fortune, I cared about the family.

I always compared a band to a marriage… to like four wives.