Dave Grohl Reveals Terrible Queens of the Stone Age Secret


A funny story about Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl‘s time drumming with Queens of the Stone Age was revealed by photographer Sandy Caspers in a new Instagram post. Caspers revealed how Grohl reacted to bassist Nick Oliveri, who would be fired from the band just a couple of the years later, having terribly poor handwriting. Greta Van Fleet recently revealed an embarrassing Dave Grohl secret.

“In an ever-rotating caroussel of band members, the Queens Of The Stone Age incarnation of 2002 featured Dave Grohl on drums. When going to team up with them for my shoot for VISIONS Magazine, I was greeted by a handwritten note sticking to the dressing room door: ‘the breakfast serial club.’ Upon my asking as to who had written it, Dave said: ‘that was Nick (Oliveri). He can’t write.’

That wasn’t the only time everyone cracked up that day. Probably one of the most fun photo shoots I ever did. And I think it’s conveyed pretty well by this pic I took before positioning them. The film I used was a slide that got cross- processed, hence the grain & high contrast.”

Dave Grohl and Josh Homme recently had a funny exchange on The Alligator Hour on Apple Music’s Beats 1. Grohl revealed a couple of weeks ago who he could see replacing him in Foo Fighters.

Josh Homme: Welcome Dave.

Dave Grohl: Thanks Josh, you have a radio show!

Josh Homme: I know, it’s weird right?

Dave Grohl: Yeah it is.

Josh Homme: [awkward silence] and we’re taking a break! It’s weird but it’s also kind of weird that it’s also the sixty-ninth edition.

Dave Grohl: [in shock] You’ve done that many of them?!

Josh Homme: No, I think it’s sixty-six but I just wanted to say sixty-nine, I don’t care. You know what’s better than sixty-nine Dave?

Dave Grohl: What?

Josh Homme: Sixty-eight. That’s where you blow me and I owe you one!

[Grohl and Homme laugh]