Dave Grohl Says New Band Has ‘Sparked’ Rock And Roll


Dave Grohl posted the following over the weekend on Foo Fighters’ Facebook page:


Every so often a song comes around that takes you by the ear, pulls you to your knees, and makes you beg for its claws to release you from its infectious grasp. Thank you, Black Mountain for the spark. Now, where’s that guitar of mine….

Take me to your leader. Dave.”

AAP is reporting that Dave Grohl is working on a mystery project with Nevermind, Wasting Light, and Sonic Highways producer Butch Vig.

Vig confirmed the pair have been working on something together, although he wouldn’t reveal if it was for a new Foo Fighters album or a Dave Grohl solo project.

“I’m working on a bunch of things. Some new Garbage music, a collaboration with Dave Grohl,” Vig told AAP.

Speculation has been mounting that Vig has been working with Grohl on another Foos album, and earlier this year there was a rumor circulated by Page Six that Grohl was leaving Foo Fighters to solely pursue a solo career, which was debunked in a comical video.