Bono Beach Photo Stuns U2 Fans, Is He Overweight?


A Twitter fan-account for opinioned U2 frontman Bono recently shared the following quote. The quote is actually an old Bono interview line from 2005 talking about turning negatives into positives. The interview snippet is there to caption a rare Bono beach photo that showcases his abs. You can view the black and white photo below. Bono disrespected by ‘small’ U2 audience at show.

In other news regarding U2 and Bono, fans of the group recently took to Reddit to discuss where U2’s 360’s tour compares historically to other tours such as their PopMart tour of 1997-1998 and their ZooTv tour, which lasted from 1992 to 1993.

U2 singer Bono spends ridiculous money on car. Reddit user, Patriotratior kicked things off by asking: “Thinking about the tours and the scales of what they were, where does 360 fit in with the spectacle of Zoo & Pop? Is it basically a combination of the two tours, or heavily borrowing elements from both in order to create something different?”

Whereas another fellow Reddit user responded by saying: “I think ZOOtv was more important in U2’s history overall as it was the tour for AB and Zooropa and marked a major turning point for U2 and sent them into the next decade and beyond.POPmart feels like the culmination of many strands U2 started to explore in the Zooropa era, namely songs and ideas that would find their way onto record and on the tour by extension. 360 to me is like a grand stadium tour at the end of their career and finished their decade of reinforcing some of their sounds with good songs. It was also in the round and made the experience different than their usual stage end setup that preceded it. I feel they didn’t always utilize that in the round perhaps as well as they could have but that’s a nitpick.”

The fan user continued by saying: “ZOOtv, in my opinion, was more critical to their legacy as it made their second and third decades even possible to be what they would be. No AB and tour and they may well have broken up.” U2 member ‘threatened’ at party, was Bono wasted?