Foo Fighters Reveal How Much Dave Grohl Pays Them


Dave Grohl shells out big money for Foo Fighters! In a new interview with LiveXLive promoting the Rock in Rio 2019 festival, Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters discussed how much the Foo Fighters pays frontman Dave Grohl.  BREAKING: A Foo Fighters member has made an emotional Dave Grohl quitting revelation.In addition, the legendary Foo Fighters drummer touched on what the Foo Fighters secret to longevity as a band has been and discussed the impact of their second studio album – Wasting Light. This Dave Grohl punching ‘threat’ at Foo Fighters show was revealed a couple of days ago. Alternative Nation transcribed Hawkins’ comments.

Hawkins: It’s funny, one of the reasons Foo Fighters have stayed together is because, you know, for a band to stay together a long time you either have to have some beautiful form of a democracy which barely ever works or like, with our band, Dave [Grohl] is the leader of the band. However, he is a good leader, everyone gets taken care of, gets to play on the records and we pretty much split pretty much everything equally. It just makes for a harmonious situation and the most important thing is that we make as good of a record as we can or play as good as a show as we can.

Hawkins: [Wasting Light] is one of the benchmark records. You know we always [say] that record was so simply made. It was made on tape in Dave’s garage. People wonder why it sounded so good and I said it’s because it’s not stuck up a computer’s ass. That’s why it sounds good. It sounds like a rock and roll band in a room and that’s almost usually the best. You know, computers have been, to me, harmful to rock and roll music. This is because part of good rock and roll music is the realness of it, the brutality of it and the un-perfection of it – know what I mean? Dave Grohl made this gross purchase at the market last week.