Dave Grohl Was Arrested Years Before Justin Timberlake


Popular singer Justin Timberlake was recently arrested for DWI and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl also experienced something similar in Australia few years back.

in his gray 2025 BMW in Sag Harbor on Long Island around 12:15 a.m. on June 18. It has come to light that he failed to stop at a stop sign and couldn’t stay in the right lane before he was pulled over, then “performed poorly on all standardized field sobriety tests,” as per court documents obtained by Fox News Digital.

He had “bloodshot and glossy eyes,” was “unable to divide his attention” and had a “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath.” He was “unsteady afoot” and exhibited “slow speech,” the arresting officer wrote. He also told the arresting officer he had one martini at The American Hotel and was following some friends home. He was taken to a police station in East Hampton, where he refused a breathalyzer test.

The Sag Harbor police officer who pulled Timberlake over said he didn’t know who the singer was or recognized his name, Page Six reported. As captured on body camera footage, the officer responded “What tour?” when the performer said under his breath that the arrest was “going to ruin the tour.”

Dave Grohl was also arrested in a similar case

Well, in honor of Justin Timberlake being arrested for a DWI, here’s a look back at the time when Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl got a DUI in Australia. In a Q&A interview back in 2017, Dave Grohl revealed that Foo Fighters were in Australia on a Big Day Out tour and during a break, they rented moped scooters to ride around Ft. Lauderdale.

However, they were stopped at a sobriety checkpoint and got a DUI. The 60,000 people watching the incident saw them get carted away. During jail, Foo Fighters decided to call his mother to inform about the arrest. His mother laughed hysterically.

“[Foo Fighters were] in Australia ages ago on a tour called the Big Day Out, a traveling tour with a lot of bands. We were in this area called the Gold Coast for a few days, and we had a few days off, so Taylor [Hawkins] and I decided to rent a couple scooters, these moped things.

“So we rent these mopeds and we’re riding them around this coastal town, like the Ft. Lauderdale of Australia. I took it to the gig and I drove it back, and got stopped at a sobriety checkpoint.

“I got a DUI on a f***ing moped, that thing was barely a motorized vehicle, it had pedals!
“There’s one road to get back to the Gold Coast from the place we had played, there were 60,000 people there, and they’re watching me get carted away. I get to jail, everyone in jail is from the show, ‘We’ve got you Dave!’

“But anyway, the whole time I was in jail, I thought: ‘Oh shit, I’ve got to call my mom. Because if she hears about this from someone else before she hears about it from me…’
“So I remember, I got bailed out, and went back to the hotel, and immediately called my mom. I said, ‘Hey mom, what’s up?’ She’s like, ‘Hi! How’s Australia?’ I’m like, ‘It’s really good! Look, I’ve got to tell you something: I just got out of jail.’

“She said, ‘[Gasps] For what?!’ I said, ‘I got pulled over on a moped.’ [She was] laughing hysterically…”