Taylor Swift Was With Travis Barker In Studio


Travis Barker, Taylor Swift, and Rivers Cuomo once formed a one off supergroup? It actually did happen about 15 years ago. In an interview with NME for their “Does Rock N’ Roll Kill Braincells?” series, Rivers Cuomo reflected on his experience working with Taylor Swift back in 2009. The collaboration was for a Band Hero video game advert, where Cuomo joined Swift, Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, and Travis Barker from Blink-182 to recreate Tom Cruise’s famous dance scene from “Risky Business” before performing Swift’s hit song “Love Story.”

Cuomo expressed his admiration for the opportunity to recreate such an iconic movie moment from his teenage years, stating,

“I was a teenager when the movie Risky Business came out, so the scene of Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear was iconic and influential for my generation, so to be able to recreate it with a handful of other huge stars was a huge honour.”

He went on to praise Taylor Swift, describing her as gracious and a natural-born leader. Cuomo recalled how everyone was charmed by Swift when she entered the room and started interacting with them during the commercial shoot.

‘Taylor Swift was so gracious and everyone fell in love with her when she came in the room and started talking to us. She was just like a natural-born leader.”

Taylor Swift played with Travis Barker

Reflecting on the behind-the-scenes aspect of the commercial, Swift herself shared her excitement about collaborating with her musical heroes. She mentioned how surreal it was to have Travis Barker, Pete Wentz, and Rivers Cuomo playing along to her song and rocking out together.

When asked if he had ever discussed collaborating with Swift again after she had praised him as one of her musical heroes, Cuomo revealed that they hadn’t spoken about it. However, he humorously added,

“If she ever wants to make a rock album, I’d love to help out! I have a feeling that I would get the call from Miley Cyrus first though! [Laughs] That would be very cool.”

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