Dave Grohl Wearing Dress With A-List Singer Revealed


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain wore dresses together and then used lipstick to deface a CD by the pop duo Nelson, according to an excerpt from Danny Goldberg’s new book Serving the Servant.

“It was important to the band to be in Seattle on the day that Nevermind was released. Rosie was blown away by the way Nirvana rose to the occasion. ‘The week of release I was in Seattle and Susie Tennant and I went to KCMU and KISW. The band was very businesslike doing interviews. They were on time, they were funny.’ On release day there was an appearance at Seattle’s Peaches record store and a record release party.

Beforehand, wanting a break from promo mode, Nirvana went to Tennant’s house, which also served as her office. ‘I had a long living room. There were tons of Geffen CDs and they took them out and stacked them up like dominos. Dave and Kurt each put on one of my dresses. Then they’d run toward the stacked CDs and dive into them.’ The first hit album that DGC had had was by the pop teen brother duo Nelson. Kurt grabbed one of Tennant’s lipsticks and defaced the Nelson gold record with it.”

A Chevy Metal performance at The Sherman Oaks Nursery School’s 30th anniversary celebration a couple of weeks ago turned into a surprise Foo Fighters performance with Dave Grohl showing up, though guitarist Chris Shiflett was absent. Shiflett has recently been touring solo as Foo Fighters are off the road outside of a few select shows until their European tour this summer.

A video has now surfaced of Dave Grohl appearing to ask for a $12,000 donation for the school, or say why what someone paid for is worth that money, though the context of whatever joke he is telling isn’t seen. He is seen onstage with 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey, who pokes fun after Grohl’s remark.

Grohl says, “If that’s not worth $12,000, I don’t know what is.”

Lachey added, “The sheets have been changed.”