Dave Matthews Band Reveals Bold Truth About Tool


The Dave Matthews Band SiriusXM radio station, which plays music handpicked by Dave and his bandmates, played the Tool song “Lateralus” recently. Despite their different music styles, DMB are big fans of Tool. Maynard James Keenan recently announced that the new Tool album release date is August 30th.

AmateurMetronome posted on Reddit:

“In addition to playing Dave Matthews Band stuff that channel also plays songs chosen by the band.

I’ve also had my radio get stuck displaying a song from a different channel and take a few seconds to catch up.”

drs10909 posted:

“I figured. I’m just ignorant to the fact that the band had an affinity for Tool. Seemed odd on the surface.”

dmshropshire posted:

“The bass player for Dave actually talks about what a huge influence Tool had been on his playing. The interview a lot of the bands members and then play the songs they suggest. Dave Matthew’s band is a very extraordinary group of musicians.”

flan_aman posted:

“If Sirius/XM is planning to a Tool channel, I think this STRONGLY suggests that we’ll hear an album track in advance of the release. I think it is highly unlikely that Sirius/XM would agree to create a Tool channel without the ability to play new studio material in the weeks leading up to 8/30.

So if this channel thing ends up being true, it’s very exciting IMO.”