Dave Mustaine Tried To Ripoff Van Halen Singer?


Dave Mustaine, the Megadeth legend, tells the world that he wanted to imitate Van Halen. From being a guy who worshiped evil to morphing into a guy who imitates others is shocking. The Megadeath frontman opens up about his more recent revelation. Here we go:

As per some Twitter for Twits socializing, Van Halen tells how – I first met Dave Mustaine on a radio show in San Jose California. I remember him coming into my dressing room and talking about when he was growing up he wanted his hair to be like mine. Ha ha not the expected conversation to have with Dave Mustaine. @Megadeth

He continued to say:

“we stayed in touch occasionally, then when he reached out for me to sing & play on Megadeth’s version of “This Planet’s On Fire” I about shit when I heard it. they fucking killed it! I was intimidated as a guitarist to take one of them solo spots, but I squeezed hot licks in.

Megadeth have an upcoming album titled, “The Sick, the Dying … and the Dead!” – Wow. Sounds terrifying. The album includes an appearance by Sammy Hagar, who sings on a cover of his song, “This Planet’s on Fire.”

In a recent interview, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, the former Metallica man, noted his longstanding admiration for Hagar and explained how invited him to perform on the album.

“A lot of people didn’t know Sammy before he did his time in Van Halen,” Mustaine said on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show. “I know him from back when he played in Montrose and, after that, in his solo career. I never really was convinced with the Van Halen tracks because I’d heard Sammy sing on Montrose, and that man can sing … oh, my God. He was one of my favorite singers, forever and ever. ‘I Got the Fire’ is one of my favorite Montrose songs. It’s such a heavy song; even Iron Maiden covered it. I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to do ‘This Planet’s on Fire’ by Sammy?'”