Dave Navarro Mourns Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Layne Staley & Kurt Cobain: ‘How Is It Possible?’


Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro mourned his friends Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Layne Staley, and Kurt Cobain in a new Billboard article.

“The fact that Chris [Cornell] had such a recognizable sound at such young age and the ease with which he was able to project that range — we hadn’t seen anything like that and we haven’t seen anything like it since. And he was at the forefront of true musicianship in that era, backed up with depth. At that time, let’s just say there were a lot of really technically skilled prodigies gravitating toward a type of music that didn’t have as much depth to it and was more about flash. And you had bands with more substance but less ability on the instrument. Soundgarden had both. And Chris was the one guy that made everybody lean back and go, “Oh my god, this guy is unbelievable, real deal, going down in the history books.”

Chris was so the antithesis of that voice in his quiet, reserved way. Which created a lot of mystique. I remember in 2003 Jane’s Addiction was on tour with Audioslave for Lollapalooza, and Chris and I were both clean from drugs and alcohol and we invited kids from treatment centers at different spots in the country to hang out backstage and just show them you can do what we do and enjoy touring and the music without being loaded. That’s what makes this so very hard to wrap my head around. This is a guy who was involved in making the world a better place for people.

I just can’t believe that all these people I came up with are gone: Scott [Weiland], Kurt [Cobain], Layne [Staley], now Chris. All my friends are dying. How is it possible?”

  • Raj

    Dude I’ve been asking that question everyday. I think about Kurt Cobain everyday and the news of Weiland’s passing and now Cornell have hit me hard especially after seeing them live on different occasions. Can’t believe they are gone.

  • Susan Jane Fischer

    DRUGS…that’s how.

    • cmlukey

      +1. The sad reality is that the artistically gifted or brilliant are so often addictive personalities, or some of their gift flows from a troubled past. Don’t…do…it….ever. There is rarely a way out other than premature death.

      • dakotablue

        They are often sensitive souls who need to blow up the outside world through drugs or drink, because otherwise it’s all too much.

  • Dysnomia

    I bet it is really scary for the contemporaries like Dave and Jane’s, especially since they were as bad as far as drugs go before. There is a thin line between being clean and healthy vs back into it and the playing with death.

  • dakotablue

    How is it possible? It’s called addiction, Dave. All those who’ve used heavily or even dabbled a lot must be worried now.

    • Leah Gersbach

      Addiction is a fraction of what happened to any of these great men….

      • dakotablue

        Agreed. But his question was how is it possible all these guys are gone. Answer: drug addiction.

    • Dave

      Well, I am sure Dave knows a thing or two about addictions. Hell, the guy plays in a band with ‘addiction’ in its name.

  • chungiemunchin

    They (whoever they are) say that to go straight and then to return to your opiate habit years later is like playing with a loaded gun. HOWEVER, I’m not so sure in Chris Cornell’s situation, “falling off the wagon” is that with which we are dealing. How come no one is asking why he was found on the bathroom floor if he was supposed to have hung himself. Wouldn’t he be found hanging as opposed to being found ON THE FLOOR? AND, what’s with the blood running out of his mouth? Another suspicious death goes unquestioned just like Prince, George Michael, etc. etc. Maybe Randy Quaid was telling the truth. It’s high time someone look into his claims of “star whacking”!

    • Mica Mcwayne

      As a heroin addict in recovery i can say this 2u, yes its true that 4 an addict 2 use again after sobriety is very dangerous, the most 4heroin. In my experience, which unfortunately is vast in this area, when u od after sobriety or any od where the person is alone, they dont get the needle out their body b4 they die. Or if they do, its usually laying about , very close 2them. Sadly i kno these things from personal experience and so i wud have 2agree with your assessment. Its a fucking rotten piece of shit and every1 is ignoring the stink. Chris was on top of his game. Wtf? Be careful

  • Mica Mcwayne

    Its not possible. Anyone that gives the trite, pat, condescending and dismissive answer that “drug addiction ” is the reason is completely ignorant and has obviously never come to grips with their own inner demons, or even acknowlwdeges them and, man, we all fucking have them. Chris was a brother in arms and i completely do not believe that he took his own life. Put that in your self righteous pipes and smoke it. I mean how can the facts be so blatantly over-looked? Come on, wake up out of your self imposed, consuming stupors. Im not talking about drugs either. Wake up and fucking think for yourselves like kurt wanted us to, what more is it going to take?