Dave Navarro Posts Photo With Layne Staley Girlfriend


Layne Staley had a heart as huge as his voice as did his fiance, Demri. Demri and Layne dated for years before her tragic passing. Demri was able to touch all of the hearts that she was around whenever Layne had her on tour with him, but recently, Dave Navarro released a rare photo of he and Demri in a new place.

On Instagram, Navarro posted a photo of he and Demri in a rehab facility. He stated that not only was Demri there with him, but Layne Staley was as well.

Dave stated on Instagram: “On an actual pay phone way back when they were a legitimate tool for communication. Demri was Layne Staley’s other half. In this picture we were in a rehab facility we all went to at one time or another. I was lucky enough to visit her in the hospital prior to her passing. ❤️ love to Layne and Demri ❤️ I miss you both!”

The post was followed with a photo of Demri hanging on Dave Navarro as she had her tongue stuck out while Dave Navarro was on the payphone. The passing of Demri Parrot was really tragic. Demri Parrott died of drug overdose, acute intoxication and the combined effects of opiate, meprobamate, and butalbital on 29th October 1996.

Layne Staley obviously never recovered from this loss as many of the songs that he wrote (sans Jerry Cantrell writing most of the Alice In Chains music) focused on the loss of Demri. Layne would also never recover from his drug addiction as he would follow her death in a similar fashion just years later which would force Alice In Chains to take a long hiatus before William DuVall would share Layne’s spot and do albums with Alice In Chains as well as tour with the band to current day.