David Gilmour ‘Refuses’ Stunning Money For Pink Floyd Tour


Pink Floyd legend Nick Mason, in speaking with eonmusic discussed a wide variety of topics in an Eon Music interview. Here, the Pink Floyd drummer discussed and talked about performing at Live 8, which was the band’s first show together in over twenty-four years with their original lineup. The band’s last show with Roger Waters was at Earl’s Court in London during June of 1981. Roger Waters ‘backing out’ of Pink Floyd reunion leaks.

Pink Floyd member reveals 2020 tour lineup photo. In addition, Mason reveals if he felt that Live 8 show was the last performance for Pink Floyd that night in 2005 and how he thought more might of came from it. He told the outlet when asked: “Not really because you just never know what’s going to happen. Funnily enough, I thought there might be more of that sort of thing because Live 8 sort of indicated that it was a really good way of raising awareness and making money, and I thought possibly people would start thinking about doing a lot more of that. But the trouble is it’s a very complicated and difficult way of doing these things, and it hasn’t really happened like that.”

David Gilmour’s ‘wet’ accident onstage was just revealed. In other news revolving Pink Floyd, fans cannot get enough of the new Pink Floyd box set release: “Pink Floyd: The Later Years”. One fan wrote: “ If you’re a fan of the later Pink Floyd you will greatly enjoy this. I grew up with the 80s & 90s Floyd then worked my way back the catalog. It holds a special place for me. I have all the albums, but I have never purchased a box set like this so I didn’t feel as bad when purchasing this set. The content is great. The remixed A Momentary Lapse of Reason is great. It’s just a little less 80s sounding. The Delicate Sound CD is great and the DVD/BluRay is really the gem of this set. Enjoy.”

You can read the full interview at EonMusic.