Roger Waters ‘Backing Out’ Of Pink Floyd Reunion Leaks


Pink Floyd legend Nick Mason, in speaking with eonmusic discussed a wide variety of topics in an Eon Music interview. Here, the Pink Floyd drummer discussed and talked about the first tour without Roger Waters, which was the 1987 Momentary Lapse of Reason tour, and how Waters himself actually made the shocking suggestion that the Pink Floyd name not continue without him.  Pink Floyd member reveals 2020 tour lineup photo.

Interviewer: There have been so many defining moments in Pink Floyd’s career, including the band’s return in 1987 with ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’; was that a difficult time for you, relaunching the band without Roger Waters?

Yes, I suppose it was, but I think with all these things, if you want to do it, you find a way. In a way, one of the curious things was the fact that Roger suggesting we shouldn’t carry on without him, which was an incredible sort of push to actually wanting to do it. So, yeah, at times it was alarming, whether the public would like it or not.

Mason continued during the interview by talking about his latest band and project ‘a Saucerful of Secrets’. David Gilmour’s ‘wet’ accident onstage was just revealed.

Interviewer: How satisfying has it been returning to the stage with your own Saucerful of Secrets band?

Oh, absolutely terrific, because, for twenty odd years there’s been bits and pieces of work, but not that actual intention of doing it properly and developing it. And from a playing point of view, doing one Live 8 every five years isn’t really enough!

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets recently tweeted, “Why does it all got to be so terribly loud?” Dom’s picture shows our view from the wings in those final moments before we hit the stage, as the anticipation hits a peak… Those who have already seen us live, what was your favourite part of the show? #SaucerfulOfSecrets.”

You can read the full interview at EonMusic.