David Lee Roth Calls Out ‘Angry’ Van Halen Fans At Show


David Lee Roth reacted to comments on the internet from Van Halen fans online about his Las Vegas shows, though he didn’t respond to Sammy Hagar trashing him, but he did call out one lie he was told about. Alternative Nation transcribed some of his comments.

“I was reading on the internet, actually somebody read it to me over the phone, they thought these were reins from a horse, they are not. They’re not leather.”

Roth then explained that he moved to Japan without knowing the language or anybody who lived there. He said he first held a Japanese sword at 9 years old. He said he worked his way up, and found a teacher in Japan, a buddhist monk. He said he auditioned, and he was accepted.

“This is what we use to hold the sword, on the side of your uniform. I’m officially a 30,000 hour man. Most of it, I used on this, you can tell, like myself, it’s about ready to fall apart.”

He said he didn’t know anybody, but he took his dog Russell. He said he’d take his sword holder and use it as a leash to walk his dog.

He then said about the fans in attendance and his bandmates, “You guys are lifers, that’s why you’re here. Lifers, I saw it in your eyes.” A Van Halen fan described a couple of people heckling David Lee Roth at a recent Las Vegas show.